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Ex-YU Travel

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Ex-YU Travel is a community for people who are interested in traveling to the countries that formerly comprised the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, but those interested in the neighboring countries are also welcome. You are welcome to ask questions, post photos from your trip, give tips about travel in the area, or recommend places to visit.

Political/nationalistic flaming is not tolerated and will get you banned after the first instance.

The main language of this community is English, but questions in Russian are allowed, because we have at least several members who speak Russian. / Главный язык этого комьюнити является английским, но вопросы на русском языке позволяются, потому что мы имеем по крайней мере несколько русскоязычных членов.

Questions about moving to/living or studying in any of the ex-YU countries should go to our sister community exyuliving.

Any travel tips and travel information can be left in our info post, and the moderator will sort them into the correct category.

Moderator is currently setting up categories - comments to category entries will be disabled until all categories are set up and completed.