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Ex-YU Travel
23rd-Feb-2006 02:44 pm
Our itinerary looks like this:

3 days in Split
3 days in Dubrovnik
2 days in Zagreb

We're searching for hotel or private apartment recommendations. No hostels. I'd like the accomodation to be nice and rather inexpensive; we don't want to spend more than €350 in accomodation fees for our entire trip. We just want a clean, neat room with a private bathroom. We don't need a television or any of that stuff because we want to see Croatia, not stay our hotel room.

Any specific recommendations for hotels/private apartments from first-hand or second-hand experience?


24th-Feb-2006 12:22 am (UTC)
When my family went to Croatia, we found an apartment in Split through clicksplit.com: it was called the "apartment Neven" and it was 60 Euro and right downtown and beautiful, with the nice owners living in the apt. nextdoor: that's more expensive than you want, but maybe it would be cheaper b/c it's off season? Or maybe you can find something in your price range at clicksplit.com.

If you're adventurous, old ladies are at ALL the ferry stations and bus stations in Croatia, hoping to rent out rooms in their apartments...I'm sure some of them must be cheap and beautiful.

My advice is that you don't stay in Dubrovnik 3 days. We stayed there 3 days and were sorry -- it's beautiful, but small, and a tourist trap. We would have been happier to spend one night there, and the other two on Hvar or Korcula.

When are you going?
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