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Ex-YU Travel
Hello! i've just find this community and very happy about it! I and… 
27th-Mar-2005 01:12 am
Hello! i've just find this community and very happy about it! I and my friend will come to Zagreb and Krk this april. Where do you reccomend to go around Zagreb? There are so many interesting places that we cannot choose(( and which "toplice" near Zagreb could we visit whithout staying at the hotel there? And also what are the best nightclubs? thanks!
27th-Mar-2005 11:47 am (UTC)
Hey, welcome to the community :)

April is actually a really great time to visit Croatia, not many tourists will be at the coast and the nightlife in Zagreb will still be great (the city is a ghost town in summer, everyone runs to the sea)
http://www.fivestars.hr is a really great website about Zagreb, you'll find everything you want to know, including night clubs etc. My favourite places in Zagreb are Hard Rock Caffe and Purgeraj (in the centre) and most of the clubs at Jarun (Aquarius, Piranha). You have a lot to choose from where clubbing is concerned :)
There are hostels in Zagreb, I'll try find some links for you.

I'm also familiar with Krk as I go there every summer. In my opinion the more beautiful towns are Baška, Njivice and Krk town. Wonderful..

Let me know if you have any questions
-Maja :)
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