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Ex-YU Travel
Volunteering & Classes - Croatia 
21st-Mar-2005 09:29 pm
young mk
Here are some links if you are interested in volunteering or taking some classes in Croatia.

Croatian Heritage Foundation - the site is only in Croatian for the moment, but the HMI (CHF in English) has all kinds of classes and camps, including language schools, art, culture, music and theater workshops, a workship on making traditional clothing and a work camp.

i-to-i - This organization has volunteer community development and conservation projects of varying lengths
27th-Mar-2005 04:33 pm (UTC)
Part of me would love to do some volunteer work, but the urge to spend quality time with the family and friends is too strong I guess. Plus they'd never forgive me, the jealous freaks (I am one too hehe)
It would be much easier if I had an objective approach to Cro, which will never happen heh.
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