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30th-Sep-2004 04:49 pm - First time posting here
Hello all,
It's a good sign that the tourist industry is properly back on its feet when there is an internet community devoted to travel in the former Yugoslavia!
I've been over there twice and am planning on going back this summer. This time I'd like to take the time to learn the language properly. So, this is my question: Do any of you know of a good language school in the area? I've already looked into Inlingua and Languages Abroad which both have schools in Croatia. They seem ok, just a bit expensive. Does anybody know of a different school? Or is anybody familiar with Inlingua or Languages Abroad and can give me some tips?
30th-Sep-2004 06:01 pm - First post
Hey people!
I've joined this community a few days back and have finally gotten arround to posting something. I actually just got back ten days ago from a two month trip in Croatia so the detachment wounds are still a little too fresh...
I spent most of the time in Istria, with a ten day trip in Zagreb towards the end. It's not that I didn't have the means or opportunity to go elsewhere (I could have gone to Slovenia, Dalmatia and Bosnia to visit friends) but to me, home is where the heart is and I ended up not being able to tear myself away from Istria. Oh and it didn't help that my friends and family are on the jealous side too :) So all in all my trip was about sea, sun, pine trees and cobble stones, pebbly beaches and road trips, all night parties and night swimming, with everything in between.

I thought I'd pace myself and just post some of my favourite pictures of Rabac, the sea side town I'm from

Rabac etcCollapse )

And that's it for now!
Props to vjeranadaljubav for the great idea :)
Much love
Maya :)
24th-Sep-2004 05:59 pm - On my list of places to go...

I also want to go see Nessebar, and Mirusha Canyon and Gadime Cave in Kosovo, Pamukaale and the Dardanelles in Turkey, and a whole bunch of stuff in Greece, and Sarajevo, and the Via Egnatia, and the Danube, and have you seen the Montenegro smiles webpage???

Ok, so some of that isn't strictly "ex-YU", but, you know, what are some other cool things to see?
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